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Blake: The Polis Predicament

By Peter Blake | July 24, 2014
Diminishing returns: Time to end public transit subsidies
By Randal O'Toole
July 24, 2014
Numbers cast doubt on Hickenlooper’s teen pregnancy claims
By Linda Gorman
July 21, 2014

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Q & A: Craig Silverman talks about his return to Denver radio
By Complete Colorado
July 18, 2014
Freedom of speech. Separation of church and state. Separation of state and church. Freedom of Religion. Privacy rights. Checks and balances. Rule of law. Separation of powers. Defeating terrorists and their radical ideologies. Live and let live. Don’t hurt people.

Ruling stretches law and fact to uphold Colorado gun control legislation
By Matt Arnold
July 16, 2014
Federal Judge Marcia S. Krieger (Chief Judge, 10th Circuit District Court) seems to have stretched both facts and law in ruling against the individual rights of Colorado citizens and in favor of government restrictions and control in finding the 2013 Colorado “gun ban” legislation constitutional.

Unions still resisting what’s best for students and teachers
By Ben DeGrow
July 15, 2014
New laws in a handful of states have given individual educators more freedom to decide whether to contribute to the union. Over union objections, some educators have been unchained from coercive policies.

Polis may have tax issue on Weld County property
By Todd Shepherd
July 11, 2014
That looks like a sprinkler irrigation system to me!

Harvey: Hickenlooper’s confession only begs more questions
By Senator Ted Harvey
July 10, 2014
That our governor was presented with three election code overhaul bills written by the majority Democrats without any Republican support ought to have sounded alarm bells in his office.

Loveland voters say “no” to anti-energy development extremists
By Jon Haubert
July 8, 2014
When voters have the facts on fracking, they are more than capable of making an informed decision about this critical economic driver and shown the courage to rebuff attempts by extremists to outlaw fracking.

The Awkward Failure of Losing the 2016 Convention
By Peter Blake
July 3, 2014
Unlike Denver, Dallas and Cleveland are tapping public as well as private money . There’s a delicious irony in that. The Republicans are going to launch their 2016 candidate, and his inevitable pledge to reduce the size of government and promote free enterprise, by going to the city that can promise them the most tax money.

Colorado’s PERA shortchanging state workers and taxpayers
By Joshua Sharf
June 23, 2014
By encouraging people to work until 60, and then retire soon thereafter, PERA deprives the government and the taxpayer of some of its most experienced employees’ services.

State agencies stonewall, stall on deleted emails of key bureaucrat
By Todd Shepherd
June 18, 2014
There are three significant problems here, not even considering that state government workers with the title “Public Information Officer” purposefully evaded their foremost task of providing information to the public.

Governor Hickenlooper reignites Mayor Bloomberg controversy
By Todd Shepherd
June 15, 2014
“The governor talked to many people on all sides of the gun issue. For example, he hosted NRA President David Keene in his office for a meeting, and he talked to Mayor Bloomberg on the phone.”

Alleged robbery at Mayor’s office generated no report
By Complete Colorado
April 28, 2014
The Denver Post had a great report this weekend about a new 911 protocol, headlined, “‘Dignitaries’ get enhanced 911 response in wake of new Denver rules.” The Post reports that in October of last year, the Mayor’s office had to wait over 30 minutes for a cop to be dispatched to his offices on a […]

Westminster landlords might be compelled to deliver voter registration forms
By Complete Colorado
April 25, 2014
Monday, April 28th, the Westminster City Council will meet, and according to the agenda posted online by the city, an interesting voting registration measure will be on the docket. The council will consider a proposal that would require all landlords within the city to deliver a voter registration form when also delivering the property to […]

Thompson BOE meets for first time since disruption, arguments over public comment
By Complete Colorado
March 19, 2014
An angry March 5 Thompson School District Board of Education meeting that erupted over the question of public comment ended in catcalls, applause, and plentiful use of the chair’s gavel as revealed in video of the meeting. The Loveland Reporter-Herald’s education reporter, Alex Burness, provides background on the brouhaha: Buried Wednesday within the latest school […]

New Udall-cancellation emails released by state
By Todd Shepherd
March 17, 2014
New emails have been released relating to U.S. Senator Mark Udall and his staff questioning the final tabulation of health care policy cancellations across Colorado in 2013. Originally, the Division of Insurance (DOI) legally withheld the emails from a Colorado Open Records Act request via the “deliberative process” privilege*.  On Wednesday, March 12, asked […]

Guest Editorial: Hess for Governor campaign
By Matthew Hess
March 4, 2014
Colorado didn’t used to take so much from our pockets, interfere with the way we each choose to live our lives, and work so diligently to control commerce.

Guest Editorial: Kopp for Governor campaign
By Mike Kopp
March 4, 2014
A serious, aggressive, in-depth and far-reaching reassessment of state government is needed—now.

Guest Editorial: House for Governor campaign
By Steve House
March 3, 2014
Part of the problem is a school model based on a 55-year old formula; our public education system is a commodity designed for the masses, rather than tailored for the individual.

Guest Editorial: Tancredo for Governor campaign
By Tom Tancredo
March 3, 2014
Per pupil appreciation of our American heritage should be as much in the focus of public policy as per pupil expenditure.

More economic freedom means less corruption
By Barry Fagin
March 3, 2014
If we really want to fight corruption, we don’t need nobler politicians, tougher laws, or still more regulations. We need economic freedom.

Colorado’s preferred-energy policies cruel to ratepayers
By Amy Oliver Cooke
February 27, 2014
Affordable power is not mutually exclusive of clean power. Colorado should expand the definition of clean resources to include clean coal, natural gas, hydroelectric and nuclear. We also should encourage a least-cost principle and let consumers decide.

Blake: Long odds for breakaway creation of Aurora County
By Peter Blake
February 20, 2014
The new county would have to build its own jail, its own courthouse, a coroner’s office, and various motor vehicle offices, as well as a Human Services structure. All would have to be staffed.

Local outcry raised against Common Core suggested reading material
By Complete Colorado
February 19, 2014
More pressure is mounting locally on national curriculum guidelines known as “Common Core.” 710 KNUS is airing senate testimony given by a mother, Sarah Colburn, with students in the Adams 12 school district. Coburn reads from a book, “The Bluest Eye,” which she says is included in the suggested reading list from Common Core guides. […]

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