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Senate Republicans pushing to save Capone the dog

Senate Republicans pushing to save Capone the dog

“Free Capone! Save Capone! Some people may think it’s kind of a fun thing, but when government tears apart a family — I mean, that’s these people’s family. It’s so unnecessary.” — Sen. Tim Neville

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A group of students from Imagine Classical Academy in Colorado Springs cheer for school choice at the School Choice Rally on the West steps of the Capitol on Jan. 26, 2017.

Charter school funding bill gaining bipartisan support; Dems get support on amendment

“It would be easier and more politically expedient, if I just voted no on this bill. But I can’t do that because our public education system is broken.” — Democrat Senator Dominick Moreno.

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Bill to unplug subsidies for electric vehicles clears Senate committee

“We are going to put this to rest,” Marble said. “Because they are pretty much not needed according to the Colorado Energy Office.” — Sen. Vicki Marble, R-Weld/Larimer

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Soon Pak, who owns Dami Hospitality, which operates as the Star Motel in Denver, won her appeal against the Workers' Compensation Division after being ordered to pay $841,200 in fines for the time her company was without workers' compensation insurance.

Appeals court rejects excessive workers’ compensation fines

The court ordered the Division of Workers’ Compensation to recalculate the fine in accordance with the findings.

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Bill would let veterinarians snoop in people’s medical records

Bill would let veterinarians snoop in people’s medical records

The bill expects veterinarians, who are trained in animal health, to also evaluate human health and psychology, for which they have no specific training or expertise.

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More delays to Open Records bill frustrate both sides

“The public really supports transparency, so maybe that’s where it belongs, with the public.”

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Lizzie Pryzgoda testifies for a law in her name in 2016 that would allow military members 18-20 to apply for a concealed carry permit. The law died in 2016, but has been reintroduced this year. The bill SB-006 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday and will now go to the Committee of the Whole.

Concealed carry bill for military 18-20 advances to Senate floor

A bill that would allow 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds in the armed forces to apply for a conceal carry permit, passed the Senate Judiciary committee 3-2, along party lines, on Monday.

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Senate Bill 89 a positive step for residential energy storage

Naturally, Xcel opposes anything that threatens its highly profitable Colorado monopoly.

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Which way will Dems go on state senate energy committee

Nationally, the Steyer wing of the party refuses to give any ground after its humiliating defeat.

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Rest In Peace, Peter Blake – journalist and friend

Rest In Peace, Peter Blake – journalist and friend

“He had a way of poking through the pretenses that he saw from politicians and from others, but always in a very gentlemanly and friendly way,” — John Temple, former editor of the Rocky Mountain News on the passing of reporter and columnist Peter Blake.

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