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Colorado Operational Budget 2006-2017

State representative Leonard responds to story on transportation bills

Our Colorado State Budget has grown $1,000,000,000 each year for the past 9 years.

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Republican Senators from left Randy Baumgardner and Kevin Grantham meet with media on Thursday to discuss the fate of two controversial bills. Photo by Sherrie Peif

Bills funding transportation, schools and hospitals appear dead; stalled in the House

“If we’re not going to have any negotiations in good faith, then what they have done has not been in good faith. If we’re not going to have negotiations, then there is no point in having a damn bill.” — Jerry Sonnenberg on SB17-267

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Time to break down barriers to hiring rural teachers

Time to break down barriers to hiring rural teachers

School leaders are perfectly capable of exercising sound judgement about whom they want leading their classrooms.

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Sen. Owen Hill, (R-El Paso) questions a witness during testimony on a bill recently at the State Capitol.  Photo By Jared Cummings

Tax, debt and spending bills clear first hurdle with a little help from some Republicans

“It will catch up to them. Maybe not tomorrow but it will catch up to them.” — Gregory Golyansky, President Colorado Union of Taxpayers

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Jon Caldara, right, works with members of the Colorado Legislative Services to get the wording of a ballot initiative correct.

Fix Our Damn Roads one step closer to the voters

The amendments that the Republicans tried clearly show there is enough money in the state budget to Fix Our Damn Roads without a tax increase,” Jon Caldara said. “Good for them for proving the point.”

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Jared Cummings -- From left, Republican Senators Tim Neville, Vicki Marble, Dave Williams talk about a late bill that would allow victims of illegal immigrant crimes able to sue the municipality for compensatory damages.

Accountability for sanctuary cities bill makes second appearance, this time in Senate

We should not be importing crime, and that is what happens when we attract illegal aliens to Colorado. — Sen. Dave Williams, (R-El Paso)

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Bill that would change online sales tax collections clears committee

Bill that would change online sales tax collections clears committee

Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee voted against their usual privacy protection platform.

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Senate Republicans pushing to save Capone the dog

Senate Republicans pushing to save Capone the dog

“Free Capone! Save Capone! Some people may think it’s kind of a fun thing, but when government tears apart a family — I mean, that’s these people’s family. It’s so unnecessary.” — Sen. Tim Neville

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A group of students from Imagine Classical Academy in Colorado Springs cheer for school choice at the School Choice Rally on the West steps of the Capitol on Jan. 26, 2017.

Charter school funding bill gaining bipartisan support; Dems get support on amendment

“It would be easier and more politically expedient, if I just voted no on this bill. But I can’t do that because our public education system is broken.” — Democrat Senator Dominick Moreno.

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File photo: Todd Shepherd

Bill to unplug subsidies for electric vehicles clears Senate committee

“We are going to put this to rest,” Marble said. “Because they are pretty much not needed according to the Colorado Energy Office.” — Sen. Vicki Marble, R-Weld/Larimer

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