Jan 16, 2011


Father alleges police lied about possession of cell phone - video potentially corroborates has obtained all 46 minutes of video detailing the controversial arrest by Denver police of Michael DeHerrera.

Among the new revelations provided by the full video is the distinct possibility of Denver Police taking possession of DeHerrera's cell phone, even though an official letter from DPD thoroughly denies the handling or acquisition of the phone. According to the letter from DPD, "There was no indication that the involved officers had knowledge of the existence of a cell phone at the time this incident took place."

The video is never completely clear enough to provide definitive proof, but Michael's father, Anthony DeHerrera, provides a compelling argument that DPD did take possession of DeHererra's cell phone, then lied about the acquisition. The letter from DPD suggests that the phone was either picked up by a passerby or kicked down a storm drain. See the full letter and denial of acquisition of the cell phone below the video.

Initially, the video shows what appears to be a white-colored cell phone in DeHerrera's hand. Then, just as DeHerrera is being cuffed by police, a similarly shaped white object is on the ground nearby. Moments later, all previous white objects are no longer on the ground. Finally, moments after that, video shows what appears to be an officer placing a white object, shaped like a cell phone, into a clear evidence baggy, then placing the baggy onto the dash of a patrol car.

Anthony DeHerrera told that Michael's cell phone was white.

Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said the department will not address any new issues raised by the full video because of an on-going internal affairs investigation.

DPD letter to DeHerrera

Another portion of the video (embedded below) shows one Denver officer demonstrating to another the manner in which he delivered the blows during the arrests. Anthony DeHererra describes it as one officer bragging to another about the ferocity of the beating.

Video quality is reduced because video produced by the HALO camera only can be viewed through a proprietary software player.

Please return to this site in the next 24-48 hours as the story will be updated with more video, and more comments from Michael DeHerrera's father, Anthony.