Jan 27, 2011 can report that a formal challenge of voter registration has been filed against Ryan Call, outgoing chairman for the Denver County GOP. Mr. Call is also listed as the staff lawyer for the state GOP.

The complaint alleges that Mr. Call and his wife voted in Denver, but argues they were actually residents of Arapahoe County.

Mr. Call provided the following statement to
There is no merit to this complaint, and the fact that it was even filed demonstrates Ms. Sebern's ignorance regarding the applicable legal standards and significant case law that governs the rules for determining eligibility and residency for purposes of voter registration.

I am fully confident that the complaint will be dismissed. This is simply a petty, internal squabble between an outgoing county party chairman and a single disguntled precinct committeeperson who appears to have filed this challenge in a misguided effort to score cheap political points.

As I complete six years of volunteer service to the Denver Republican Party, four as county Vice-Chairman and two as county Chairman, I am confident that my record of service and dedication to the Denver Republican Party and to our Party's conservative principles of limited goverment, personal responsibility, and freedom and opportunity speaks for itself.

Mrs. Sebern responded:
I have served as an election judge for eleven years. As a supervisor at a Voter Service Center for the 2010 Primary and General elections, I witnessed irregularities with regard to Mr. and Mrs. Call's request for replacement mail-in ballots and voter registration.

After researching, the facts compelled me to follow through. I am asking a simple question, of the proper authority, because the Rule of Law applies equally to all.
Notice of Challenge to Registration

Challenge of Registrations - Ryan Call